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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest quality standard of massage practice in all of Canada. We seek to be Mobile in all the provinces in Canada and seek to have micro clinics in 5 provinces in the next 10 years. We envision Motio Massage Therapy to be a high-quality standard of Massage Therapy Service. We envision practitioners to be independent, well established and credible as a Winnipeg Massage Therapist. We envision a symbiotic relationship among clients and practitioners that will flourish for a lifetime. check out our blog

Our Mission

Motio Massage Therapy boasts highly trained and skilled Registered Massage Therapists we focus on the individual needs of every client. Treatments are tailored to each client's therapeutic needs with a focus on creating a human connection and optimizing human performance through the art and science of massage and aromatherapy.

At Motio Massage Therapy we don't believe there is a one treatment fits all approach, instead, the focus is on evidence-based assessments and reassessments to show our client that the service they had; made a physical difference in their bodies balance. We focus our treatments on therapeutic massage and offer complimenting Spa Services to enhance your overall experience.

Our Therapists are approachable, non-judgmental, and open-minded and believe the key to a successful treatment is to listen and communicate. We also believe in providing optimal training locations for new therapists joining the field and on occasion higher and commission student therapists at a reduced cost to give them a safe and successful start to their careers.

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Basic Therapeutic Treatment

Focused Assessment and Treatment 

Mobile Massage Therapy

In the comfort and convenience of your own home or office

Body Wraps and Masks

Ideal for detoxification, skin rejuvenation, deep relaxation

Enhanced Therapeutic Treatment

Full Body massage with/without focus complimented includes Hot Towels, Aromatherapy and Enhancement 

“ Enthusiastic, energetic , intuitive, and instinct! This is the best massage one can expect from a professional massage therapist and Jordan has all these professional traits and quality's. Thanks for the great service. ”

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