11 Tips On How To Retain Your Massage Clients

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In this post on 10 Tips On How To Retain Your Massage Clients, i will share with you a few tidbits on how we retain our clients. I get asked this regularly at my various massage networking and even practitioner networking events. “how do you retain your clients”? what a great question.

Here at Motio Massage Therapy, we have a series of subtle protocols set in place to maintain our client base. One thing I’m sure many massage therapists have dealt with over the years is how do you keep your clients coming back. take a look at our Networking Blog post to learn more about how to gain clients through networking

Some of the information on this post was influenced by Massage Therapy Magazines blog called (15 elements of client retention)

Tip Number 1


Convenience plays a huge role in client retention. With 8 years of experience in the massage field, the number one thing that changed the flow of my business was the convenience factor. My new Studio in CityPlace shopping center in downtown Winnipeg was a huge game-changer in my business I went from having 150 of my own clients before and who refused to come to downtown Winnipeg. At first, I felt this was going to be tragic but my business went from 150 clients to now over 1500 clients in a matter of 4 years. I now book usually 1-2 weeks in advance.

PRO TIP: When your first starting out give yourself a fixed schedule with flexibility as oftentimes your first few clients are typically walk-ins. Many clients want appointments Yesterday or the day of and if you don’t have the availability they will not book with you the busiest times for bookings are usually between 2-9 in the evening.

Tip Number 2

Being Efficient

Nowadays everyone is looking for things that are more efficient, try to automate as many of your basic administrative duties, such as using an online booking system that provides automation for booking appointments on a client’s own time. Some easy ways to be more efficient with your clients is actually the scary word “direct billing” ok now there are many reasons for therapists to do this and not do this but if you’re looking to satisfy and retain clients offer direct billing. At Motio we don’t directly bill for anyone unless they put a valid credit card on file as 50% of clients won’t attend a massage studio unless they direct bill.

Tip Number 3

Connect With Your Clients

Courtesy and compassion go a long way in massage treatments. When a client gets on the massage table they are expecting you to be real and to provide them with relief. If your half-assed in your consultation, half-assed in your assessment, and half-assed in your treatment your client is very intelligent and will pick up on your postiche interaction with them. To satisfy them by listening and delivering a service that is 100% quality in nature.

Tip Number 4

Have A Referal Program

So many massage studios have some form of a referral program and they work amazing. We offer a referral program at our office that allows the client a $$ amount credit towards their next massage as long as the person they referred, provided the referral sources first and last name. It has grown our practice a lot and people love spreading the word when your awesome at what you do. Who doesn’t like getting credit for blabbing their mouth about you?

Pro Tip: Any Referal you get with or without giving credit is still a successful referral. You will get more response by giving a perk to the clients who preach to the choir about you to all their friends and family.

Tip Number 5

Reminders and Follow-Ups

Now the cool thing about all the online systems out there is the fact that most of this functionality is automated for you as part of the subscription. but for the therapists who still do things old school IE paper scheduling, manual invoices, etc. Make sure you are providing a confirmation email/text message and a reminder a minimum of 24 hours before their appointment. This courtesy is a big perk that helps you enhance your professional relationship with your client, it shows that you value them and care for them.

Follow-ups some therapists do this about 1-3 days post-treatment just giving your client a little text just checking in with them or an email or phone call to get feedback on their results.

Tip Number 6


This is a very important factor to consider when you’re trying to retain your clients. Clients always make an opinion about you within the first 4 seconds of meeting you. If your hair isn’t brushed you have body odor, bad breath or dirty clothes. The client will make an opinion about you on that. I know many therapists tend to be the free spirit type of practitioners but please take a shower regularly and wear deodorant it’s just a common courtesy

your professional attitude is also something many clients rely on so making sure your only asking relevant questions, you’re not sharing words of endearment or commenting on a client’s body are all the basics of professional massage services.

Tip Number 7

Atmosphere and Ambiance

now there many styles of treatment rooms out there but some major things to consider are the atmosphere and ambiance you are creating for your client. Clients love clean, well-made tables, pleasant aromas, and no clutter when it comes to your treatment room. So make sure your cleaning and tidying your room regularly, with cleansers and make sure they are comfortable. What would you rather see a messy room with a half-made treatment table or a nicely made treatment room?

Tidy Treatment Room

Tip Number 8


Now the closing part of any treatment is the crucial time where you can influence your client. This is the time where you can review their concern, follow up to see how they are initially feeling and also recommend them as to when the next treatment or follow up should take place. Clients appreciate this extra step and it shows your professional and caring character to them and allows them to feel like they are valued and you are valuing them for their business.

Tip Number 9


So this one is fairly self-explanatory, don’t cancel clients unless it’s a legitimate emergency, don’t try to reschedule them if you can avoid it, and make sure your ready and prepared for every treatment by arriving 15-30 minutes early. you have to keep in mind that they took time out of their day to get a treatment done by you so make sure they feel that.

PRO Tip: Make sure your cancelation and no show policy are relevant to both parties, meaning you the therapist and the client, you can’t scold clients for being late or not showing up and penalize them without holding your self at the same standard expectation. Follow your own professional policy.

Tip Number 10

Deliver a Valuable Service.

Make sure you are charging for the service that you provide or match the experience to the price. If your going to charge $100 for a 60-minute session make sure you’re providing the service that reflects that price. I see this in high-end luxury spas the fact that they sometimes charge $110 for a 50-minute massage to basically gently rub a person’s body, which is quite disappointing if the client doesn’t feel the service had value.

The real money in massage is in treatment and assessment because your more likely to have a repeat client if you provide them with a result. If you’re going to charge $110 for a massage and you show up 5 minutes late for the appointment, your hot towels or stones aren’t ready or the paraffin wax warmer wasn’t turned, you should not be charging clients that amount of money and you likely will not get a return client. If your the type of therapist that doesn’t want to do all the fancy things fair enough but make sure you’re charging the appropriate amount of money that reflects your, their overall experience.

Pro Tip: When you provide a Valuable service that gives the client a result your client will value you, respect, you and trust you, and won’t go with anyone else.

Tip Number 11

The Integrity That Instills Confidence

now integrity is very important for any kind of business but especially in Massage Therapy. If you’re going to promise something to a client follow through with it. if your going to give a coupon make sure to honor it. if you just blab your mouth about the things you’re going to do for your client and don’t deliver what your promising this will question your integrity and in Canada if you aren’t going to be trustworthy business clients will likely lash out at you or your business and you don’t need that kind of PR.

Pro-Tip: Word Travels Virally in this digital age and people are more likely to bash you vs praise you. for every 1 good experience, you may get one positive word for a bad experience you will be complained about on average three times.

In Closing

in the Tips on how to retain your massage clients post, I have shared with you how to retain your massage clients. If you have any feedback with the quality of this post please leave us a comment as we are always looking to improve our content for our readers.

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