12 Self-Care Tips for Massage Therapists

by Jordan Schimnowski, RMT, Digital Marketing Specialist, owner of Motio

Therapists, please take care of yourselves, your peace longevity, relies on it.

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The number one thing I get asked all the time, is how long have you been practicing for? well its been 7 years so far, which is longer than the average therapist. Another question I get asked all the time is “what is the life expectancy of a massage therapist?” well according to massage Canada magazine ” the life expectancy is 6 years for a massage therapist: it is 7 years for me now. There is longevity in your massage career and these are the things that have helped me stay with it for this long.

Here are 12 things you can do for self-care as a compassionate service provider (how not to take on people’s energy and how to keep yourself mindful of your surroundings and interactions with people. We are all energetic beings which means we are more than just a sack of blood and nerve impulses. This post is about how to keep yourself in a healthy personal standing in your line of work.

The clients you come in contact with, come from varying walks of life and beliefs. Ask yourself what is mindfulness? “it is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations”. This includes understanding yourself as well.

Number 1

The power of Water

Water is a vital source of sustenance for every human being. We are made up of 80% water which means we need to stay hydrated. This is the number one thing when it comes to self-care, water stimulates your brain, your body, your energy level and so much more. It lubricates your joints and allows your blood to flow freely. Water also has amazing energetic properties it helps with the flow of emotions, your ability to let go and even your ability to cleanse your body of negativity.

Activity 1

This is one thing I do after every treatment. I wash my hands and arms with cold water from the elbow down. This cools my forearms down enough to be ready for your next client. It also refreshes your tactile sense of touch to basically reset my hands. At the end of the day, I feel less heavy more energized and less drained after the end of a long massage day. Hydration is key.

Number 2

Reduce your toxic load

What I mean by the toxic load is the use of recreational substances such as drugs and alcohol and the chemicals in your environment; At home and work. Reduce the amount of alcohol and recreational substances on a weekly basis and make sure you don’t have to work in the morning if you do decide to enjoy these occasional substances especially when your working and sweating, the client can smell it yuck!. I recommend reducing the use of artificial chemicals in your environment, reduce the use of perfumes unnatural soaps, synthetic lotions, chemical cleaners all of these have an impact on your health even though you don’t realize it. Takes a look at this article for more details on reducing your toxic load. All of these chemicals we come in contact with have varying side effects such as immediate side effects such as irritation, burning, itching, etc. Mine as well reduce all of those out of your system.

Number 3

Exercise and be active

Yes, we have a physical job but for all of us therapists, we know the results of repetitive strain. Massage is a very repetitive job, especially in our back arms and cervicals. Breaking yourself out of the repetitiveness at leased every second day for 30-60 minutes is enough to let your muscles reset to the proper tone. I highly recommend you keep your arms, back, and shoulders strong either through weight training, yoga or whatever type of exercise you prefer, that activates these areas. This will really make your job easier. How would you like to feel after 6 massages? That it was a piece of cake and you’re ready for more? I have always kept my self at the concept of (I should always be stronger than my job) so that I’m more efficient and more effective so my job doesn’t become challenging. Think about how it would feel to finish a long day of massage and not have it phase you. and you had enough energy to go out and do the things you like to do. That’s why being active is so important.

Number 4

Get a Massage!

So many therapists out there have not had a massage since they were in school, this is probably the cheapest form and the easiest way to make sure you take care of yourself. Book a day at the spa, go for a 60-90 minute massage at least once a month. Find a friend you can trade with so you don’t lose touch of touch. We have a very physically demanding job and you really need to take care of those tight sore muscles. We all know the benefits of massage so why are we not taking advantage of them? It is probably the cheapest service we can pay for. JUST TRADE! here is my number 204 292 6463 or email me to arrange a trade [email protected] ill trade with you. The universe knows I need it just as much as you. So let’s help each other out.

Number 5

Nutrition and nutrients

We all have different eating habits I know from being in the industry you kinda eat when you get to eat, and we fall into convenience factors when we only have 15 minutes to eat something, make sure you have a balanced diet that maintains energy, such as fruit and vegetable, and lean proteins such as nuts, seafood, and chicken so that you can sustain your body throughout the day. There is nothing worse than having to do a 90-minute massage when your tired and groggy or hangry because you haven’t eaten since breakfast, And your blood sugar is crashing. Unfortunately in the North American diet, it lacks a lot of vitamins, and minerals I take a multivitamin every day so that I can replace the nutrient I won’t necessarily get from my regular diet. I love the ones from doTERRA check them out and you can also get 25% off when you become a member under Motio for the cost of 1 massage a month you can have a fully balanced body.

Number 6

Be Social

Make sure you socialize with friends and family massage therapy is a very lonely profession unless you work in a clinic or spa, even then how often do you interact with your colleagues? When you’re working on clients all the time Because we are such compassionate individuals we give and give and give both our time our energy and high professional state of mind. Back when I first started out, I realized this very early on; I ended up being tired and depressed and felt like my socialization was taking a hit and developed a bit of social anxiety after my first couple of years of practice. This was totally out of my nature. As challenging as it was I found once I started making time for friends and family my social anxieties ended up going away; and instead of feeling drained by people, I started feeling energized by people. Being social is hard to keep up within this digital age. It is so necessary for our profession, you have to like people to work on people and that means all people whether you treat them or not. So get out there and engage with a friend, family member go meet for a simple coffee or do something engaging. It will really help you with your longevity and your social health.

Number 7

Take time for your soul

Do you have a hobby? or creative outlets? That gives you peace maybe you like writing, perhaps you like painting, maybe your an artist, or a crafter make sure to make time for the things that make you happy. So you feel more in line with your blueprint. When I was in high school I was an avid artist and honestly if there were more jobs associated with being artist aside form tattooing or teaching I likely would have chosen that over massage. One thing that I missed in the first couple years of my massage practice was my creative side I missed being able to draw and paint for hours at a time. Now that I’m more established in my practice I’m finding more time to do the things I missed doing. It makes me feel more satisfied with life.

Number 8

Take control of your schedule

This seems weird considering you may be new in the industry and you want every client that walks in the door; any time anywhere. Every single senior therapist out there has control over there schedule. When one therapist says “I’m all open” it gives the client an impression that maybe your not that good they start asking themselves “why are they so open”? Stop doing this! instead, say “I have time between this time and this time” what time would work best for you? Now doing this may seem a bit evasive but it’s necessary if you want respect from your clients. As RMT’s we are fortunate to have a lot of power over our lives which is not something, a lot of other professions have. Therapists take advantage of your profession. controlling your schedule gives the perception to your clients that your time is valuable and they are lucky to have any amount of time with you. It shows more professionalism. Not only will your clients respect you more but you will respect yourself more because you’re putting your schedule into perspective to make sure you take the time you need for yourself.

Number 9

Think and act positivly

Don’t be so hard on yourself it’s not doing anyone any good, not yourself and not your clients. Take the time in the morning and make sure you give positive affirmations to yourself every day. This will help focus more on the positives vs the negatives throughout the day and will help you with your energy and your traffic in the studio you work at. When you’re complimented, take your compliment! and thank the person for it that’s good karma. Make sure you return the positivity you receive in whatever way that just sparks a little nugget of positivity or appreciation to the positivity that came to you. You will soon realize that your more approachable, and people are more interested in engaging with you. And you will like yourself more.

Number 10

Do the necessary check-ups

Get regular doctor check-ups, educate yourself on genetic disorders that may run in your family and research the preventative methods so you can make sure you’re mindful of the risks in your genetic makeup. So you can do whatever possible to be proactive with your genetic makeup. As Registered massage therapists if we don’t work we don’t get paid. Unfortunately, we don’t have a traditional kind of job where we get sick days, also make sure you sign up for a short term and long term disability plan so your prepared some plans are as little as $25 a month. So you must make it a priority to get regular check-ups so you nip things in the Glutes before they get out of hand, and your livelihood gets effected.

Number 11

Stay Educated

Education is the most important thing when it comes to being relevant in your profession, making sure your basic math and word skills are being stimulated will improve your ability to connect with new client as conversation starters and make sure your being a benefit to your clients read one blog post or article a day, one magazine a month and one storybook per quarter. This will stimulate your English skills, keep you up to date with new trends and research, and stimulate your creativity. When your mind is active you give much better assessments, treatments, and results to your clients. You will also feel more satisfied in your own mind. you worry less.

Number 12

Network with people

When you’re a contractor your literally your own business which means you always have to be upbeat and more astringent with collecting clients. Making sure that your image and reputation in the community is a positive one. With social media being a big part of society today, it’s vital to stay up to date with what your image is in the public eye. Since starting my practice I have collected clients in some really bizarre ways such as going to a party, going to family functions, and even sitting on the bus on my way to work, but I have also lost clients because of a bad social post, or poor review so be mindful of your public reputation. Your always-on display assumes that no matter where you are people are checking you out to see if your fit for the job, and if your approachable people are more inclined to interact with you which makes the rest of the steps of self-care that much easier.

try these 12 tips out for the next month and see the difference in yourself and how much better you feel, when you get up to go to work every day. If you like this post or you know another massage therapist who may benefit from these steps hit the share button and please comment, like and share as well as subscribe to this blog for more massage related information from the best massage practice in Canada. Please like comment and subscribe.

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