5 Tips For Injured Massage Therapists

Injuring your hands Ohh No!

By: Jordan Schimnowski, RMT, Digital Marketing Specialist

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6 Tips for Injured Massage Therapists. So as of late, I found out I injured my thumb uhh ohhhh. what now. have you thought of your back up plan? I guarantee this may happen to all of us at some point. in our careers. here are some helpful tips to help you be prepared.

a little background story so as some of you may have read i went to Belize at the end of January beginning of February. well, I had a tumble into the ocean and ended up with what I thought was a strained my thumb, well I just found out thanks to the awesome staff at Pan Am Sports Clinic they found out that I actually fractured the base of my metatarsal on my right thumb check out this cool Xray.

Jordan Right Hand Thumb X-ray

as all of you are aware since your following me I am a massage therapist by trade here in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and well I make my livelihood using my hands. I’m currently four-finger typing to get this out lol I look hilarious right now here is a thumbs up to positive thinking and well it sparked this post.

Massage Therapist Staying Positive.

Tip Number 1

Injured Massage Therapist Winnipeg

listen to your body

Here Are a few warning signs something isn’t right with something.

1) The sudden urge to vomit,

2) unable to move a joint the way you normally could

3) denial that something is wrong or not as bad as it seams.

listen to your body as rmts we should be good at this since all we do is work directly with the human body. well, I need to take my own advice because my gut was telling me something was wrong. and until i worked on 5 clients in a row yesterday and all of a sudden after I was shaking out the linens for the next day my hand got a jolt and then it started hurting really bad. and well early this morning headed out to the doctors to get a diagnosis.

Tip Number 2)

Contact Your Clients and Employees

Call your clients, your staff, and make sure to sort out and reschedule their clients. now, this may seem daunting at first but it’s just what is necessary. when a situation like this happens as your clients need to know asap so they are aware of what will happen.

Tip Number 3)

Injured Massage Therapist Winnipeg

Long Term And Short Term Disability Insurance With Business Interruption

Take a look at your disability insurance if you have any. if you don’t have it you need to get some period! I worked with a Sunlife representative who got me the plan through RBC I think I pay approx $50 a month. for mine and it’s worth it and thank goodness, I had it because I was ordered off work for 6 weeks minimum. which I know for some therapists that is the equivalent of $10 000.

when you get your insurance get enough to cover your fixed business expenses and your fixed personal expenses. mine is supposed to pay me out approx 7k a month until I’m back at work.

Tip Number 4)

You Need Cash Fast (Only if necessary)

So depending on how well you are in touch with your client base they can be very beneficial for the survival of your business now 6 weeks is not a lot of time to be off work but for some Therapists, their life and family depend on your income. Ever since I graduated in 2012 I made sure I had a few thousand dollars in cash on hand to make sure that in case anything did happen to me my personal expenses would still be covered.

a few days after I got my diagnosis I started stressing out a bit because its a lot of time to not be able to work. i created an email blast to all my clients letting them all know what had happened to me. and I created a pre-purchase massage package at a discounted rate. Now I normally do not advise therapists to provide any form of a discount on their services but in emergency situations like this, you may need to do this.

I created 3 tier packages

pre-purchase 1 treatment 5% off

pre-purchase 3 treatments 10% off

pre-purchase 6 treatments + at 15% off

I sold my first package yesterday and it injected $700 into my bank about which covered my apartment rent for next month. If you do end up doing this make sure you are doing it in good faith and you never go back on what you offered your client This is a huge game of trust.

Tip Number 5)

Injured Massage Therapist Winnipeg

Sit Back And Let Your Body, Heal.

Now, this may seem a little weird but if your off of work for any amount of time it didn’t just happen for no reason, depending on your beliefs it may be a sign that the universe or religious figure, may actually be looking out for you and is forcing you to relax.

take the time to enjoy your time off and keep yourself busy, maybe catch up on your Netflix series you haven’t seen in awhile, call, a friend who you haven’t seen in awhile perhaps go spend some time with your family. therapist works very weird hours sometimes so you mine as well enjoy your time off.

in closing

Throughout this post, I have shared with you a few tips and tricks about how to survive when you hurt your hands and some things that I have done to help me through this unsure time. Stay tuned and bookmark The
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