12 Self-Care Tips for Massage Therapists


by Jordan Schimnowski, RMT, Digital Marketing Specialist, owner of Motio Therapists, please take care of yourselves, your peace longevity, relies on it. Keywords: #selfcare #bestindustry #Bestmassage #winnipeg #canada #water #nutrition #creativity #tradeamassage #Reducetoxicload The number one thing I get asked all the time, is how long have you been practicing for? well its been 7…

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11 Tips On How To Retain Your Massage Clients


#massaegetherapisttips #massageinfo #Massagetherapy #winnipeg #canada #winnipegmassage #winnipegmassagetherapist #Tipsonhowtoretainyourmassageclients In this post on 10 Tips On How To Retain Your Massage Clients, i will share with you a few tidbits on how we retain our clients. I get asked this regularly at my various massage networking and even practitioner networking events. “how do you retain your…

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5 Tips For Injured Massage Therapists


Injuring your hands Ohh No! By: Jordan Schimnowski, RMT, Digital Marketing Specialist #massagetherapist #Winnipeg #canada #massagetherapy #Fractured #thumbs 6 Tips for Injured Massage Therapists. So as of late, I found out I injured my thumb uhh ohhhh. what now. have you thought of your back up plan? I guarantee this may happen to all of…

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Networking and Massage Therapy

what networking is and how it can take your business to the next level.

How It Helps And How Can You Make It Work For You # Massage therapy #massagetherapist #winnipeg #canada #ProtipsRMT #Networking #business In this post, I will be explaining to you what networking is and how it can take your business to the next level. putting in a few PRO-Tips in the mix. For those of…

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Canadian Perspective Of Massages In Belize Caye Caulker


First-Hand Experiences so as I’m sure you all are aware Massage Therapy is my passion and my art form and in some cases I consider it to be my superpower. wen I walk into a crowd or room of people i don’t know somehow people gravitate to me with there aches and pains. I also…

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Guilt-Free Vacation Time for RMTs

Guilt-Free-Travel-For-RMTs Canada

Yes It Is Possible For RMTs To Go On Vacation Guilt-Free and Worry-Free I’ve been practicing since 2012 now and have loved every minute of it, but it is also important to go on vacation to Rest. Relax. and Revive. your body mind and soul in this very giving profession. this post will share some…

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Tips For Surviving The Holidays As An RMT In Canada

Self-Care-Manitoba RMT

How To Get Through The Holidays Pro Tips for getting through the holidays the busiest time for RMTs Wow, I still love the holidays! the holidays are a time for great stability and more relaxing than the rest of the humans! Yes, that sounds weird I know,   I’ve been running my Winnipeg Massage Therapy…

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How did running a massage studio happen?

to instill relaxation and mindfulness to the public

A brief story of what went down… So Motio has been running a business for 7 years now and has had many ups and downs but the most fascinating thing Motio has done is figure out how the hell do you get a client calling, texting, booking, or walking in the door. Seven years ago…

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Massage Therapy in Ontario

The Need for national Regulation in the massage field For those of you who don’t know massage therapy is not regulated in all the provinces except for, Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Brunswick and more recently Prince Edward Island. the goal in the next few years according to the Massage therapy association of Manitoba “they want…

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