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First-Hand Experiences

so as I’m sure you all are aware Massage Therapy is my passion and my art form and in some cases I consider it to be my superpower. wen I walk into a crowd or room of people i don’t know somehow people gravitate to me with there aches and pains. I also attract other RMTs who are or were as passionate as I am about the industry

In this post, I want to share with you my experiences with a couple of massage studios here on Caye Caulker. I’ll explain their prices, their etiquette and what are the qualifications in Belize.

1st Experience

The Massage Experience in Belize Healing Touch day spa

So i came out with some family to a lovely place called Caye Caulker Belize and the first thing I wanted to do was book a massage to work out those kinks and stress from traveling all day as I started researching the places in Belize there were about 7 different studios spas etc to choose from I as most people do choose the one that was the closest and in the case of cay caulker it was on middle street there are only 3 streets on the island front street middle street and back street. when I first walked in I was greeted by a male therapist wearing scrubs which considering what the standards are in massage it was refreshing that they were looking like medical practitioners. They were very professional and were happy to meet me. they gave me their brochure and I scanned over the services they offered there were many services to choose from, I could get body scrubs, deep tissue, Swedish shiatsu, couples massages. There were so many to choose from. Being in a foreign country I wasn’t expecting much of an intake. but they had an intake form that went over very basic medical conditions but overall there really wasn’t much detail as you would see in Canada. they don’t have the knowledge of anatomy and physiology or even pathology which honestly every country is different,


To the lady at the front desk was the receptionist and the owner and her husband were one of the therapists. She had been practicing in Belize for close to 16 years before she opened up her own spa, on Caye Caulker island and has been there for 10 years.

in Belize there is, in fact, a school for massage therapy here in Belize they offer a 700-hour certification program as for the guy I had a healing touch spa, he actually did his training in Costa Rico. The minimum level of training in Belize to be a certified massage therapist is 50 hours worth of training. Based on Canadian standards it’s not that much but massage by nature is not a very risky kind of service where you could irreversibly hurt someone unless you tried really hard.

they started the massage by offering me a shower to rinse off after walking in the heat all day. and directed me to the treatment room which was large 10 X 12 Room it had they had stone tiles on the floor 3 modern windows outlooking the ocean., a hot towel warmer, and of course a massage table with just a sheet on it they asked me to get ready for my massage, I was kind of puzzled that there was nothing but a towel to cover up with and it was for my feet so they didn’t get cold, luckily I’m comfortable enough in my own body that beeing nude on a table isn’t uncomfortable for me. The treatment I received was a full body deep tissue massage, they did trigger points, myofascial work, some rolfing techniques and even STR (soft tissue Release) which I was very surprised about, I got off the table feeling like a brand new man every muscle was worked and treated and I got off feeling like I had a massage. The cost of this treatment was approximately $85 USD for a 90-minute session, which in Belize is a very good wage it converted to about $112 Cad which was reasonable compared to a lot of Canadian studios and clinics that charge between $100-$150 for a basic 90-minute session. Overall I felt the treatment was worth the money and would definitely book again.

as most of you are aware across Canada you have to complete a minimum of 2200-3000 hours of training. but based on my experience I feel that training isn’t necessarily the deciding factor of having a good treatment vs a bad treatment. experience in this field definitely has a factor.

one thing I can take form this experience of massage in Belize is the fact that their laws are actually very different what I found out was that the only legal liability a certified therapist has to abide by down there is to walk into the treatment with a uniform on but what happens in the treatment room stays there. They don’t do any formal documenting and for many therapists, they are private and make there own self-employed services.

Thank you so much for reading this hope you can take what I’ve shared and try out the massages in Belize if you’re looking for any more information on cay caulker Belize take a look at

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