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Welcome to Motio Massage Therapy Winnipeg your one-stop shop for all your intended needs, are you looking for relaxation? treatment? spa therapies? or mobile massage therapy? Well, you're in the right place. Motio was designed with the client's intent being top of mind.

What is intent you may ask?, Intent is the intended goal or solution to your massage therapy visit,  if you just woke up this morning and felt like you slept funny and you have a kink in your neck, your intent would be "get rid of this kink in my neck" this is where Motio comes in we first assessed your concern, analyze information gathered and then create a treatment plan; that matches your intent.

This is the design model that makes Motio a great addition to your health and wellness regime. We guarantee that when you make your way to Motio you will arrive with confidence, that your intent will be met and you will be satisfied with your treatment outcome. You will be looked after by a therapist who has many qualifications and is always seeking to learn new techniques to be the best benefit to your anatomical structures.

On the other hand, we are also the most convenient massage studio around with many booking options that can fit into your comfort zone. You shouldn't feel anxious about calling a therapist to book an appointment you should feel at ease at every aspect of your massage experience. From booking to re-booking. Motio offers all forms of contact to schedule your appointment that will fit in anyone's comfort level you may call, text, email, or book online. Whatever your booking preference is, we assure you that when you click that Book Here Button the process will be smooth sailing from that point forward.

So if you are looking for a highly skilled and trained Registered massage therapists who keep your intent at the top of mind and a therapist who will assess your situation, analyze the outcome and provides a treatment plan that fits in your life regime, then your in the right place right now.  Gives us a call, email us if you have questions we are happy to help you reach your intent. and don't forget at Motio Massage Therapy you will Rest. Relax. and Revive.


Motio is the Latin word for Movement, Motion, and Mobility. Latin is the prefered medical language and the word encompasses everything that Motio massage Therapy does for its clients. we consider Motio to be a being that is the essence of knowledge and intuition let me introduce you to Motio

Hello, I am Motio, the mind and spirit of Motio Massage Therapy. I am the creativity, energy and the passion behind this experience. I am the Extended power of therapeutic practitioners. We wish to create Human connection and optimize Human Performance with the art and science of orthopaedic massage and aromatherapy. I am the energy behind the hands of passionate massage therapists, that can strip away your pain and tension, and relieve the stress and pressure that people hold on to.

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Jordan Schimnowski

Hello, I am Jordan Schimnowski, a Registered Massage Therapist and owner and operator of Motio Massage therapy. I started my bussiness in november 2013 out of the need to pay a cell phone bill. I started by posting an add on kijiji and after 2 hours got 5 enquiries and book my first 2 treatments. Every week after that i posted another add and every week after that i would build my clientell 1-2 at a time, before i launched my bussiness i wanted to be a well rounded therpist so as i was building my practice i worked for places such as , physiotherapy clinics, massage clinics, high end luxury spas, laser therapy clinics and helped open up massage franchises in manitoba as the first provincial therapist highered by the massage addict franchise. after a few years of juggling other clinics, and my own clients i decided i needed to rent. I first worked in a 7'x9' room for a full year and then expaneded ever year to 2 years after that i now have a continuously growing clientelle at upwards of 800 clients now and again in 2019 am having to expand once again.

I am devoted to helping people from all walks of life who suffer from chronic pain or stress of many kinds.I graduated from a 2550 hour diploma program held at Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2012, My time at Wellington College was one of the best times of my life. There I discovered my passion to help people with massage therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Treatment and Assessment, Indian head massage, pre and post sports massage, aromatherapy, as well as soft tissue release.

I've been practising for 7 years now and am still feeling great about my career. It's my dream to offer the best massages in Canada and focus my practice on therapeutic massage, assessment and treatment, spa therapies and mobile massage. In the past y years, Motio has been my everything, its given me many oportunities over the years and look at many more years to come. 


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