FAQ’s About Massage Therapy in Winnipeg





Q: What happens if I don’t have time to shower before I come for a treatment? Expand A: Motio therapists don’t judge people about their hygiene. Although it is very important to have good hygiene for the safety of the therapist and the comfort of the client. If problem persists, worse case the therapist may ask you to shower prior to your treatment or may deny service. Q: What happens if I pass gas during the treatment? Expand A: Nothing. The therapist won’t draw attention to it, and its very normal when our body starts to rest and digest like it does during a massage your intestines will start to work properly. Q: What if I’m going through some major medical treatment? Expand A: Depending on what the treatment is the therapist may ask you to get a written clearance from your doctor before you receive massage. Q: What kind of massage do you offer? Expand A: We focus our practice on treatment and assessment, spa therapies and mobile massage. Q: What if I have pain and tenderness after my massage? Expand A: It is very normal to feel sore or tender after a massage, no more then what you would get in a light to moderate intensity work out. Make sure to drink extra water the day of and day after your massage to flush out toxins released during your massage. If your still sore being fully hydrated then put some ice on the area for about 15-20 minutes every 2 hours for 24-48 hours. The discomfort should pass in 24-48 hours Q: I came out of my massage felt great but a few days later the pain started again Expand A: Massage therapy is not a miracle cure for any dysfunction sometimes it takes 2-3 treatments close together to really start feeling a difference. Q: I came for a massage and the pain moved to a different area? Expand A: Well, first off, the massage didn’t cause the dysfunction it simply brought it up to the surface. It is a good thing, actually, because any change is a good change after a massage. Q: What if I bruise easy? Expand A: Make sure you are very hydrated prior to receiving your massage and make sure to tell your therapist you easily bruise. It simply means we must make sure we flush the areas out very well with certain massage techniques. Q: This is my first massage what should I expect? Expand A: Expect a consultation, assessment and treatment in your session, everything will be explained and communicated to you every step of the way. You’re in good hands at Motio Massage Therapy. Q: What should I wear for my massage? Expand A: At Motio massage therapy we are comfortable with whatever you are comfortable with. Clients are allowed to be partially clothed with undergarments, or may go nude we leave it up to you. We see body’s of all shapes and sizes so you don’t have anything we haven’t seen before. You’re more than welcome to wear loose fitting  gym shorts also. Q: Does Motio direct bill? Expand A: As long as your plan allows us to direct bill we will.  A credit card will be required to save on your Profile, and we will first have to verify your plan information before we process any insurance claims. Q: What happens if I’m late? Expand A: The more notice you give us the better, if we have time we will simply move your appointment to a different start time and no time will be removed, if we don’t have the time we will still provide you with your service with the amount of time you have remaining and the scheduled service will be charged in full. Q: What if I don’t show up? Expand A: Expect a full charge of the service and you won’t be able to schedule any other treatments unless you have a credit card on file. Our time is very valuable and we carve out time for you specifically so not showing up is taking away from other clients who desperately need our services. For example “when you go to work you expect to get paid for the time you are at work, the same expectation applies to us”. Q: What if I have a cold or the start of one? Expand A: Stay home. The therapist won’t risk catching an illness and also massage can be great to speed up the sick process by activating your lymphatic system but we would prefer you to stay home and rest. We have some great preventative products available to help reduce the chance of catching a cold or flu. www.mydoterra.com/motio Q: What if I want to change something about my treatment? Expand A: We prefer to receive 24 hours notice for removing something as we will likely prep for you in advance. If we receive the change less than 24 hours before we can still remove the add-on but the scheduled appointment will still be charged in full. If you want to add something to your treatment just let us know at the beginning of your treatment and we will add it on for you. Q: What is the no show cancellation policy? Expand A: The policy states that you must provide us with 24 hours notice for a reschedule or a cancellation. Letting us know by 9 pm the day before is the bare minimum. Any time after that it falls under the 24-hour policy. Send us a text, email or call us and leave a message. We just ask that you be considerate of our time Q: am i aloud to drink or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during my treatment? Expand A: No absolutely not drugs and alcohol effect a persons judgment and state of mind, which legally does not give you the right to provide consent to treatment as you are not in sound of body or mind. Not to mention if we do not know your underlining conditions the combination of massage and substances can effect more then just your massage out come it cans cause seizures, bruising, vomiting, due to the circulatory nature of the treatment. say no to drugs and alcohol before a massage.


Q: What happens if I get an erection during my Treatment? Expand A: From time to time men can develop an erection during treatment. This has nothing to do with anything sexual but absolutely the cause of physiological response to relaxation. The therapist won’t draw attention to it whatsoever and will just continue with treatment. As long as the client doesn’t act on anything it is totally normal and is nothing to be ashamed of. Erections are a man’s best friend, it shows everything is working properly and often happens not because of arousal on the table but just because your body is starting to relax which for men when they relax just happens. Q: What if I’m hairy? Expand A: Men naturally are hairier than women, it’s just a part of your genetics. We will simply use extra massage oil and check in with you to make sure we aren’t pulling on your hair. If this is concerning to you, maybe just shave or trim the area you want to be worked on 48 hours before your treatment.


Q: What if I’m pregnant? Expand A: Well first of all congratulations on your new baby. We simply suggest you wait until you are past your first trimester before going for a massage as this time frame is very risky and anything can happen. You also won’t be eligible to have essential oils used in your massage as these could be toxic to your unborn baby. Q: What if I’m on my moon time? Expand A: There’s nothing wrong with getting a massage during this time and actually there have been rumours that massage can alleviate the cramping pains associated with your menstrual cycle. It is simply up to you if you are comfortable or not with receiving treatment and just make sure to wear undergarments during your massage.