Guilt-Free Vacation Time for RMTs

Yes It Is Possible For RMTs To Go On Vacation Guilt-Free and Worry-Free

I’ve been practicing since 2012 now and have loved every minute of it, but it is also important to go on vacation to Rest. Relax. and Revive. your body mind and soul in this very giving profession. this post will share some great tips to help you get passed that guilty feeling you may get leaving your practice.

Here are a few tips and to help my fellow RMTs to go on a Guild Free Vacation! yes, you need it and you deserve it.

over the years as I was building my practice I was always struggling with going away on vacation with this immense amount of guilt. I know your probably thinking Motio Why are you guilty for going on vacation?

Here is why

Vacations require Time and money something when you first are starting off in this industry you don’t have a lot of. Being a senior therapist at this point in my career I have put in the time and built up the clientele in order to make things happen and you can do it too! Here are a few tips to help you get that well-deserved vacation guilt-free and worry-free.

Number 1

Plan a year in advance it will be much more relaxing and produce the motivation to make your goals a reality.

Planning a year in advance is the perfect time frame to plan a vacation one difference between our industry and the industry of others is we don’t have traditional things that normal jobs have such a vacation pay, no amount of time allotted for a vacation unless we save these and organize these things ourselves.

Number 2

A Small Increment of Savings Really Works And Help.

you don’t need to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in our industry a week or month in order to go on vacation, I simply save $10-20 a week with an online automatic savings plan that I never really notice at the end of the month, when I check out my finances. I use the automatic savings bank account at tangerine Use this orange key when you sign up 42461648S1 with a $250 deposit. This is a referral credit of an extra $50 whenever you refer 3 friends a year. by the end of the year, I have $1200 of a vacation fund. that’s enough to go on a tropical vacation for a week.

Number 3

let your clients know

One thing that we may all be guilty of when taking time off is the fact that we do not all let our regulars know. I recommend you let your clients know 1 month before, 3 weeks, 2 weeks and 1 week before you depart via email, use colorful imagery that clearly states the time you are gone for and the time you will be back. Clients are notorious for wanting to book last-minute sometimes the same day for appointments which works sometimes but not in the case of us taking care of our time off. Clients honestly are in the middle some will be super excited you’re going on a vacation and some will be mad because their needs are not being met by their favorite therapist. and may stimulate a reason for them to leave you for someone else.

Number 4

Prepare Ahead Of Time

Another thing that is sometimes a problem in our industry is the fact that we have many expenses more so than the average office job. In the case of independent therapists who rent space. You have to come up with rent for your office, rent for your home or office and any other bills you may have no choice but to take care of. Remember We Do Not Get Vacation Pay, I recommend you stay at least a month ahead of your bills, this is easy when you go through the year and especially around your busy times, add an extra payment to your bills to make sure you have a credit on your accounts so that the month you are leaving you have one less thing to worry about and you can enjoy your well-needed vacation.

Number 5

Travel Like A Business Person

This doesn’t mean going first class, going to fancy dinners, or even staying in villas and presidential suits if you can, by all means, do so. What I mean is, finding a weekend course or go get a massage for research purposes to better your own style of massage and therapy. Now you may be wondering “why Motio Are you telling us to Work on our Well needed Vacations”. The reason is that as self-employed individuals, we have tax write-offs at the end of the year for income tax purposes. Why not have part of your vacation claimed on your taxes, most RMTs Need CEU credits in Canada to keep their association fees in good standing. So keep on learning to make the trips cheaper and keeps you intellectually fresh. Another tip you can think of is finding a location on a tropical destination and just extend your work vacation. I know therapists who go to Nepal, India, Hawaii, California, and many other areas for training and just extend their Stay.

Number 6

Slow Time Is A Good Time, High Time Is A Bad Time.

this means try to arrange your trips in your slow times vs your high times avoid times such as holiday season, or springtime these tend to be busier for most Therapists when you go in your slow time you have a lot lesser chance of disappointing your clients vs the high times this is because high times are usually insurance deadlines when most clients are seeking to use up insurance. in the slow items such as summer and just after the holidays your volumes go down for treatments so you min as well take advantage of your lax time efficiently so you can recover from the busy times. the cool thing about this time if you book your trips during the busy times it may tend to be less expensive travel-wise especially flights.

In Closing

So in this post, I have outlined some great tips for my fellow RMTs to travel guilt-free and stress-free. for more neat tricks and tips for New RMTs don’t forget to hit subscribe to this blog and like and comment on this post, please also share on social media. finally thank you for this months RMT PRO-tips if you would like to book an appointment book here

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