How did running a massage studio happen?

A brief story of what went down…

The beginning of the road

So Motio has been running a business for 7 years now and has had many ups and downs but the most fascinating thing Motio has done is figure out how the hell do you get a client calling, texting, booking, or walking in the door. Seven years ago I “Jordan” was just starting out in the massage field. the biggest anxiety I had was “how do I get a client in the door?” well let me tell you a little story about how I got my first client in the door.

Once upon a time in the year 2013 AD there was a young 21-year-old newly graduated therapist, fresh out of college. Had an immaculate amount of ambition that plagued him like the feeling of white energy rushing through his body. He had a situation at his first employer that really made him go into a fight or flight situation that altered his view of humanity.

He started by having a meltdown in a parking lot after work and was at his whits end. He had an employer that was moving clients to other therapists and basically had the intention of starving him out of the massage clinic. The owner wanted a more womanly ran clinic, and well because he was a man he was her first point of disqualification. His paychecks were around $70 every 2 weeks which is not a lot of money in this day in age. He had a car loan, a student loan and a cell phone bill and he was getting notification of disconnection in the mail. He had a student loan payment of $300 every 2 weeks, so obviously he had no money to pay the bills.

After he cried and cried for what seemed like hours upon hours, battling things like, apathy, hate, frustration, sadness, failure, and anxiety. He had to pull himself together. He drove home and walked into his house and went straight to his study and made a video expressing his tiredness, his frustration, and dysfunction, and watched it back. He sat back and prayed to the universe to give him strength, knowledge and the next step to get passed this sadness.

The universe did speak and he wasn’t aware of what or who it was yet. The voice was in his head and said, “what do you have?”. The man had to think about this for a few minutes and a light-bulb went off. The man looked around at his work station which was coincidentally a massage table and looked at the car parked outside. He looked to the left and he had a filing cabinet that was empty, looked to the right and saw 3 sets of linens, a bottle of massage oil, and an empty file folder. The man said to the voice in his head ” I have a massage table, 3 sets of linens, an empty file folder a bottle of massage oil, and a car”. The voice inside said ” OK put them to use”

The man took this as a very weird and confusing message and was not at all at the time interested in starting a business but since all the man had was this voice from the universe and thought he was going cookoo, but he listened to the voice anyways and went on the computer and posted an ad on kijiji stating he was a mobile massage therapist in Winnipeg.

from that point forward Motio Was born.

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