Massage Therapy in Ontario

The Need for national Regulation in the massage field

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Massage Therapy in Ontario

For those of you who don’t know massage therapy is not regulated in all the provinces except for, Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Brunswick and more recently Prince Edward Island. the goal in the next few years according to the Massage therapy association of Manitoba “they want to congratulate all our friends and colleagues for there achievements”

Motio massage therapy is a fully certified and registered massage therapy business, we focus on orthopedic treatment and assessment with an osteopathic based philosophy. I recently looked into what it would take for us to be licensed and insured to do massage therapy in the province of Ontario and came up with some large barriers, some things I found out was first of all “massage therapy has been regulated for 100 years in the province of Ontario, and was first governed by the Douglas health care act back in 1936 ( ) and interestingly enough they believe us RMTs in Manitoba are not educated enough in our practices to provide regular therapeutic massage. This burst our bubble we love what we do and have never done anything that has been unethical or unreliable in the massage therapy field, we focus our practice in orthopedic treatment and assessment and have created life-changing results from our services, people oftentimes rely on us more than their doctors and physios, which I find fascinating. now RMTs are not a substitute for traditional medical care but we do offer proactive musculoskeletal care when it comes to soft tissue concerns we work on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue to help promote homeostasis in the body.

Massage therapy in Ontario is very challenging to acquires when your from an unregulated province, they expect you to pay thousands of dollars just to acquire an assessment and test to see if your fit for massage therapy I have been practicing for close to 7 years now and always wanted to travel around Canada to offer our services.

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