Spa Treatments

Only the massage portion of spa services are billable to insurance.

Spa Therapy Services

Spa therapy services Can be just as important as having a therapeutic massage. The spa comes from classic times when bathing in water enriched with minerals was a means of treating illness. Nowadays fast forward 800 years and a spa is a place that is typically high end esthetically, and a place where you will receive treatments for your skin and circulatory system. In Winnipeg, we suffer from some crazy weather patterns and cold being the norm the majority of the year. Our skin can become damaged due to this change in weather, by cracking, drying or itching. The Motio massage style of spa therapies is focused on 3 core intents, of inducing our client's body into a state of Resting, Relaxation, or Revival. We use many ingredients in our treatments such as exfoliants, waxes, butter's, muds, seaweeds, clays, and moisturizers and essential oils to create the desired effects our clients are intending to receive.

Guys Revival Body Treatment

The Guys Revival Body Treatment is a full-body experience. Designed specifically for men, It includes a full body massage, with hot towels for soothing your aching body, Essential oils to restore clarity of your buzzing mind, exfoliation of your skin to restore your body's confidence, and warming body mask, to enrich your skin with vitamins and minerals to bring back your masculine glow.

75 Minutes$130.00

Revival Facial Treatment


The Revival facial treatment is a treatment designed to ease your aching facial muscles such as the jaw, temples, and scalp. Included in this treatment are hot towels aromatherapy, sea minerals infused with the essence of lavender and Eucalyptus. To reduce redness, and ease tension. you may choose from a toning mask, moisturizing mask, or neutral mask.

45 Minutes$90

Revival Body Wrap Treatment


The revival body wrap treatment is a form of thalassotherapy or ocean therapy, the concept behind this treatment is to circulate both lymphatic flow, blood flow, and microcirculation of the skin. The process of this service is extensive and includes up to 8 different steps to provide the desired effects, this treatment allows for your body to relax and circulate, and your mind to become at ease, with this style of treatment it also has been known to ease anxiety and create a sense of safety and security, and even to mimic the effects you would have experienced when you were in the womb.

75 Minutes $141.00
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