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Tips For Surviving The Holidays As An RMT In Canada

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How To Get Through The Holidays Pro Tips for getting through the holidays the busiest time for RMTs Wow, I still love the holidays! the holidays are a time for great stability and more relaxing than the rest of the humans! Yes, that sounds weird I know,   I’ve been running my Winnipeg Massage Therapy…

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12 Self-Care Tips for Massage Therapists


by Jordan Schimnowski, RMT, Digital Marketing Specialist, owner of Motio Therapists, please take care of yourselves, your peace longevity, relies on it. Keywords: #selfcare #bestindustry #Bestmassage #winnipeg #canada #water #nutrition #creativity #tradeamassage #Reducetoxicload The number one thing I get asked all the time, is how long have you been practicing for? well its been 7…

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How did running a massage studio happen?

to instill relaxation and mindfulness to the public

A brief story of what went down… So Motio has been running a business for 7 years now and has had many ups and downs but the most fascinating thing Motio has done is figure out how the hell do you get a client calling, texting, booking, or walking in the door. Seven years ago…

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