The Beauty of Self-Awareness.

Say what instead of why

Hey, everyone, I came across this really interesting ted talk about self-awareness and the quick fix . It sparked a piece of inspiration, that I found was a great thing to assist with massage therapists connect to themselves enough to transfer that on to the client. Before I delve into that I want to express my personal opinion on the subject for self-awareness as an alternative practitioner.

every week I see clients lay on my plinth with the common concern being “pain” pain according to (Anatomy and physiology for the manual therapies, Kuntzman/Tortora 2010, page 502, Wiley and Sons, inc.) ” There are 2 types of pain fast pain and slow pain. Fast pain is felt in 0.1 seconds after a stimulus is applied such as pain felt by a needle or a cut by a knife. slow pain happens a second or more after the stimulus is applied.”

you’re probably wondering “what is the point Motio” My point is that self-awareness and pain can have a connection to one another anatomically and psychologically. According to the psychology of the body, Greene, Goodrich-Dunn, Lippincott, 2004, page 245.) Chronic pain also has its own set of internal, physical, and psychological dynamics. Stress reactions and pain cause the mind and body to become aroused and ready for action.”

As I’m sure many therapists out their think they are self-aware well I’m sorry but according to (Trisha Eurich “ “95% of people who think they are self-aware are actually not. sorry to say. Said Trisha, it wasn’t until I saw this video that I realized to myself “am I really self-aware” and it got me thinking about being outside my body looking in on an interaction with a client, I believe I’m pretty self-aware and I hear from many of my friends and family “Motio you just know what you want out of life and you go for it” I never really realized that I was actually that self-aware until people told me this. Since that has come to my attention I realized more and more that this is why Motio attracts and retains clientele so well. It’s true I’m always aware of myself and that transfers to my clients.

In the last 8 years of massage I have seen people, divorce get married have children travel, start businesses, and have become inspired by Motio and have made life changes because massage therapy does make you more aware of your body and where it is in space and time but it also appears to make people think about the things they need to be doing to make themselves happy in their own worlds. When they get that 60 minutes of me-time. That they don’t normally get in this fast-paced world. it has it appears maybe Massage is helping them become more aware of their bodies.

While watching the ted talk Tasha Eurich talked about the outcome of asking why and how it creates alternative facts. so going back to Tasha Eurich if a person says why? why me?/why isn’t this working, why can’t I get a promotion, why are you such a jerk, why are things going the way they’re going. Tasha says “Instead, ask yourself what; What created this outcome, what is it that I can change, what is it I can’t change”.

If you have a client come into your treatment room to receive a treatment you first have a consultation, right? “I hope so” the consultation will bring out all the information that you need to provide a successful treatment.

It’s very common as a Registered massage therapist that you peel away at the layers of emotion junk. It all comes out on the plinth, I hear the whys so often and until I saw this video I wasn’t sure how to deal with these common vocalizations of anguish grief and stress. As RMT’s we are not allowed to give advice when it comes to matters of the mind. As we are not counselors, but now that I have seen the youtube video by Tasha and ted talks, I think talking to a client and telling them “instead of saying why are things going the way they are going” ask yourself “what is making these things happen?

your self-awareness will intern bring your clients to self-awareness through the powers of touch compassion and empathy, so ask yourself the next time your working on a client ” what can I do to bring awareness to myself so intern I can provide awareness to my client. you will definitely see a change in your self-thinking, awareness and really grasp the passion you get when you provide a successful treatment.

And don’t forget at Motio Massage Therapy you will rest. relax. and revive. for more blog posts please subscribe and share or better yet let me know what your thoughts are I would love to hear your feedback please visit to book your massage you can call text or book online 204 292 6463

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