Tips For Surviving The Holidays As An RMT In Canada

How To Get Through The Holidays

Pro Tips for getting through the holidays the busiest time for RMTs

Wow, I still love the holidays! the holidays are a time for great stability and more relaxing than the rest of the humans! Yes, that sounds weird I know,


I’ve been running my Winnipeg Massage Therapy business for 8 years and have come up with some great interesting ways that have helped me as A solopreneur, what does that mean?

a solopreneur is the definition of a Motio Massage Therapist. the motio massage therapist is an individual who works to support one’s self/family. A Motio Massage therapist is an individual who does what they love to do “help people” and believed in what goes around comes back around, in the Digital massage World.

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Motio has been practicing since 2010, and we have had many experiences both bad and great!

a few things that I have learned since working at motio Massage Herpays are as follows the 12 tips that have helped us manage Christmas.

Number 1)


you are a massage therapist and you work on humans who are humans just like you, your working on people, maybe using insurance companies, and operating all different facets of a business. Being an RMT around Christmas can be very hectic! or it can not be hectic at all. You always have the choice to make it hectic or not.

Your availability

your availability is just as valuable as everyone else’s. Clients know that the Christmas season is the best time to enjoy your life. If you are an independent contractor set your hours in an 8-hour schedule MAX. It is easy for us to lose track of the joys we look forward to during the holidays. Mine is a new year’s eve party that happens at my mother’s. make sure you prioritize your family needs.


“make sure you start asking to find out what the plans are for your family gatherings in November and solidify them so they are not pushed to the side, make sure you choose the most important days to you and block them off in October or November”


Number 2)

Don’t overeat during the holidays

During the holidays, it is easy for people to drink more, eat more or buy more, which causes the proverbial weight gain. that everyone doesn’t keep in check and regret it in the new year, because we have such a physically demanding job it is ideal for us to eat light so we have the clarity in our mind, and the energy in our body to keep our energy up. Make sure you are aware of that and don’t let these things cloud your professional judgment. I do not say don’t drink don’t eat, just don’t over indulge imagine the holiday’s ar just like any other average day but embrace the moment.

Overeating throws off our metabolisms and can increase weight gain, cause fogged minds, and makes us want to spend money.

The holidays are the busiest time for us we get influxes of admin work. mostly therapist makes 30% of their income during the months of November- December. due to the massage insurance resetting in January. this means as a therapist we need to be clear-headed, and nimble in our bodies, we need to be able to think fast and work on time, so stick to vegetables, fruits, salads, lean meats such as Birds and Seafood.

Number 3)

make sure you grab the black Friday deals in lotion and oil

this is a great time to stock up at a lower cost, that could last you an extra few months. Pre-order your MotiOil at the Aroma Shoppe and Get 20% off


You want to stock up on all your necessary consumables we use as RMT’s such as Massage lotion or oil. Essential oils, creams, pain lotions Etc. The reason i say that is because some of our lotions and oils are over $100. So saving $20 on lotion increases your profit margin by an extra 5% or more. so save your money.



(make your own massage oil or lotion) and private label it through Motio Aroma Shoppe Here which creates another income stream for you to sell to your clients, or even the therapists you work within your Clinic or studio. Book an aroma shop class Here and our aromatherapist will spend some time to create your own line and recipe, for your Winnipeg Massage Practice.


Number 4)

save your cash! Cash is King

Why is cash king, well cash if saved properly can give you a very reliable cushion to live off of whenever you are wanting to go out with friends, cash also helps keep you on budget, for the potentially slow period of volume over the following couple Months of January and February as everyone feels a bit broke during this time period. due to the previously mentioned facts, I mentioned above.

Clients and customers tend to be More generous around this time of the year and for some reason they tend to have more cash on hand than usual. One thing I have noticed after 8 years is the increase of Cash flow during the holiday season, I’ve had people who have decided to pay cash for every treatment they have once a week.



When you receive cash Put it in a safe or piggy bank, and only take half of what you estimate you will need. keep track of the amount in the vessel you use and keep track of it on a monthly basis your satisfaction at the end of the month when you start counting those 20s, 50s, and 100s. you might be able to go on a last-minute trip after the busy season.


Number 5

Get your Sleep!!

Sleeping we all know how important it is but During the Holiday Season make sure you get ample sleep it will help keep your immune system, strong while everyone else’s immune system is failing from the winter colds and flues.

our volume is higher which means our activity is higher, which means micro-tears in our arms, triceps, hands, forearms, and sleep will help us keep our bodies repaired after activity and will assist with combating our aches and pains.


In Closing

throughout this Post, i identified 5 different challenges i have faced in the past few years as well as some pro tips for new therapists. i think the most important thing for a Canadian massage therapist can take from this is the importance of making your mind body and spirit a priority when you are getting through the holidays as an RMT


I’m the massage guy Jordan Schimnowki and I own and operate Motio MAssage therapy in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada And I am a Registered Massage Therapist. a place where you can learn, grow, rest relax and revive.  If you would like to book a consultation, create a private labeled product or need some help in your digital marketing book a meeting with or give me a call or text 204 292 6463 me Here

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