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“Love thy fellow human”

What does that mean to humanity?

It means to love each and ever human from all walks of life with a non judgmental heart and open mind. Without humanity we would have nothing. No love, no objects, no agriculture, no family, no friends, no memories.

The art of touch is one of the most fundamental needs for a human.

A quote taken from (David Linden) “to be human, is to be touched”  human connection is a very important factor with children, adults, men, women, non-binery, transgendered, we all are human and require this to survive, without touch children will develop poor behaviours. “Touch is neither good nor bad but rather the experience and stimulus of the contact of touch nerves and brain: .( David Linden)  this leads me to believe that the ability of our skills as massage therapists and clinicians is totally based on what the “intent” of a massage treatment is. An example

if a clinician was to be in a state of anger going into a treatment first off the client will sense that, secondly the application of the touch may be altered or tainted and could transfer to the clients skin, nerve, and then brain.  In theory this will give clinicians the ability to transfer those negative emotions to the clients body that will then “create a stimulus to your brain analyzing how you are being touched what is the nature of the touch what is the intensity etc.” (David Linden) Motio is the embodiment of this transfer clinicians have the ability to alter our way of thinking, which in turn will alter the outcome of the treatment and the client perception. As energetic beings we all have the ability to impose or transfer our emotions to another person or species that could alter the being’s energetic reception to touch.

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